Pay Down Debt

Reason to Sell: Pay Down Debt

 pay down debtPerhaps the American Dream should be rechristened – with the amount of debt most Americans bear today, paying it down can seem unobtainable. That problem is exacerbated for those who’ve been injured in an accident or wreck and aren’t able to work fulltime, or not work at all. Debt has a way of piling higher and higher, mounting toward the ceiling and cutting off your breathing room. There’s good news – you don’t have to suffer with that problem, and can help.

If you have a structured settlement or an annuity, you can sell your payments and get the cash needed to not only make those creditors back off, but to get them off your back for good. You can sell your future payments and get enough cash in a lump sum payment to take care of mounting medical bills, back mortgage payments, student loans – pretty much any debt imaginable. Not only that, but you can sell as many or as few payments as necessary to get the liquidity you need. ensures that you’re able to find much-needed financial relief.

Every person’s situation is unique. That’s why works with you to create a custom plan to ensure that you sell what’s needed, and no more. You don’t have to sell all of your future payments – sell just enough to pay off your debt, and keep the remainder to maintain a stream of income into the future. On the other hand, if you’re drowning in a significant amount of debt, you can sell all of your settlement or annuity payments and clear that debt load completely.

Your structured settlement payments are your money – lets you access the ideal portion of those funds and solve your pressing financial needs right now.Contact us today to get started and find the relief you need.